What’s more, the story goes beyond the Italian fashion brands themselves. Even in the 21st century, Italian manufacturing continues to be revered as some of the highest quality in the world, with countless family owned businesses producing garments for high end clothing brands including Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, and a long list of XR Rubber Cover iPhone 5s 6s 7 others. Put simply, fashion runsin Italian blood.

That said, the sheer scope of Italian fashion, combined with the mythology surrounding many of its most famous players, has created a world that often feels impossible to grasp from the outside. Avizar – Cover Iphone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 Perhaps you know the names, but not their stories. Or maybe you’re familiar with iconic designs but don’t know where they fit in the bigger picture.

Whatever your level of knowledge, there are probably dozens of elements to your style of dress that lead, one way or another, back to the Italian fashion houses. With that in mind, here’s a comprehensiveguide to the essentialItalian designer brands and how each of themmade their name.

Translating roughly to Workshop or Atelier, Bottega Veneta is Apple iPhone 6S 6 4.7 Silicone Clear a luxury Italian brand founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, specializing in premium leather goods and accessories.

Although the label now produces entire clothing collections for both men and women, it is undoubtedly best known for its leather, an intricate, hand woven technique that cross hatches leather or suede to create cover samsung s4 nike a textured checkerboard pattern.

Faced with falling sales toward the end of the 20th century, the brand actually experimented with different forms of branding, including a large insignia, but its distinctive intrecciato has proven to be its greatest trademarkand is now the sole external indicator of the cover samsung s6 chiuse Bottega Veneta brand.

This subtle approach to luxury branding is something that Vogue highlights as an example of «stealth wealth»: cover samsung a20e libro covert consumption of luxury without necessarily being showy about it. Regardless, Bottega Veneta is a perfect case study in a practice that has defined many of the world’s most successfulhigh end clothing brands: finding a unique aesthetic and taking total ownership of it.

What to say about Valentino Garavani A one man fashion powerhouse, the designer studied fashion from an early age, eventually pursuing a formal education in Paris. In Disney snow White Silicone Phone custodia 1960, he returned to Rome to open his own fashion houseand channeled the grandiose, opulent nature of the Parisian fashion houses into his own distinctly Italian brand.

Valentino made his name with the distinct shade of red he used for most of his dresses, to the point it became known as Red. In the50 cover samsung j8 years that followed, Valentino built an empire, establishing the Valentino brand as a red carpet staple with countless celebrity fans.

If Italiandesigner brands have a reputation for being ostentatious, it’s thanks to Valentino Garavani.

If Valentino is ostentatious and Dolce Gabbana is glamorous, then the house of Versace can only be described in the best way possibleas brash and audacious.

Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the Italian brand encapsulates everything we have come to imagine about luxury. This is a brand that looks Disney Soft Silicone custodia for Iphone 7 expensive, feels expensive, and isyou guessed it!expensive. Versace is known for its bright colors, bold patterns,and vibrant graphics. Even the use of Medusa in the brand’s logo drawson the Greek mythological character and her ability to completely consume whoever looked at her.

After Gianni Versace’s murder in 1997, tpu custodia for iphone cover samsung s7 2017 6 plus/6s plus 5.5 Donatella Versace took over as the label’s creative directorand has come to embody everything iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-fine about the brand with her own larger than life style. The brand has continued to thrive in recent years, and, thanks to its ethosof wealth and hedonism, has become one of the most mentioned luxury clothing brands in rap lyrics, Migos or otherwise.

It’s also worth noting that Versace top 10 cover iphone 6 lilo list and get is one of very fewhigh end brands that remains majority owned byits founding family. Fashion has always been full of drama, but the House of Versace truly is a dynasty.

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight: it pronounced Founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino, the Italian brand has been one of the biggest influences on contemporary fashion as we know it.

Deviating from the typically insular and hierarchical notion of high fashion that so many of us have in our heads, Moschino embraced popular culture and everyday iconography in a way that nobody had thought to do before. Pop art, cultural ephemera, corporate branding, comic books,and cuddly toys were all rich sources of inspiration for the Moschino brand. in and in the late ’90s,its all over print jeans, flashy graphics,and big logos became mainstays of the UK club scene (alongside the Apple iPhone 6 6s 6 Plus equally glamorous Gucci and Versace), cementing a strange connection between high fashion Italian brands and street level culture Avizar – Custodia Iphone 6 / 6s that has granted Moschino an enduring essence of authenticity.

In 2013, the equally quirky designer Jeremy Scott took over as the brand’s creative director, bringing his own next level take on contemporary culture to a revered Italian fashion house. Love him or hate him, it’spretty much a match made aladdin phone custodia iphone 8 plus in heaven.

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the label is one of the oldest Italian clothing brands going. Gucci founded his Silicone custodia For Apple iPhone X luggage label after being inspired iPhone 4 4s Hard custodia – Keep Calm Go To by the luxury lifestyles of people he met while working in the Paris and London hotel trade. Combining this aesthetic with the skilled local craftsmanship of Tuscany, the company quickly became popular with the Italian gentry and international shoppers who would Disney Mickey Mouse Silicone custodia Skin visit his bottega.

Gucci also proved popular with the equestrian community, which inspired the label’s distinctive metal bit logo. In the decades that followed, the brand’s blend of quintessential luxury and Italian flare made it a mainstay of Hollywood fashion. In 1994, Tom Ford took over as creative director, injecting his own fearless approach into the brand.

In recent years, with Alessandro Michele at the brand’s creative helm, Gucci has reinvigorated its identity even further, embracing its popularity among younger consumers and celebrating an eccentricity rarely seen from a high fashion institution. With its iconic green and red stripes, G monogram and whimsical air, there’s just something about Gucci that gives Disney Cute Dumbo Elephant Phone stranger things cover samsung custodia everything a touch more class.

The origin of Fendi can be traced back to 1925. Husband and wife Edoardo and Adele Fendi founded the label as a fur and leather goods shop in Rome.

In the ’40s, the next generation of the Fendi family five sisters Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda took over and began injecting a new, youthful perspective. In the ’60s, Karl Lagerfeld joined the label and pushed For Vivo Y11 2019 Phone custodia Shell reinvention and experimentation, redefining furs that had fallen out of favor with the brand’s wealthy clientele and bringing a contemporary perspective to the historic brand.

By the ’90s, a growing network of family members began to put strain on the label, and the brand was sold to LVMH.

Surely a label that needs no introduction, the Giorgio Armani name is one that immediately conjures images of razor sharp black suits, slick leather goods, and the tasteful extravagance that only Italian clothing brands can create.

Armani started his fashion empire in 1975, rooting his design vision in everyday people and the style of the streets. Such an approach has proved popular with fashion fans of all demographics, and now the brand has an extensive roster of diffusion labels, including Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, EA7, and Armani Jeans.

Like Versace, the Armani empire remains privately owned, which is actually quite poetic; if Versace is an exercise in Italian glamor, then Armani is an exercise in Italian class toned down, softly spoken, effortlessly cool, but still making all the necessary statements.

Prada, like many others, has its roots in luxury leather luggage goods. Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the house quickly experienced meteoric success, and in 1919 was confirmed as an official supplier to the Italian royal household. This was signified by the iconic knotted rope that frames the label’s logo…